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Should I spray paint the interior of my house


I have been using a roller and brush for years to paint interiors. most of the time it come out good. but i see the pros spraying everything from the wall to the trim. They mask well and it comes out great. many years ago I tried spraying trim in my garage and the overspray was crazy.after that I never tried again. I think it was my inexperience that was the problem.

So what has your experience been with spraying paint on interiors?


The only really good time to use a sprayer on interior painting is if the house is new construction, or if the house is vacant and there is no furniture or belongings inside.  If the floors and carpet are installed it is almost always easier to brush and roll the trim and walls.  Ceilings are the exception to the rule.  If you have popcorn textured ceilings you will undoubtedly want to mask the room and spray them.  Otherwise the popcorn texture is very likely to fall off when you roll it, leaving a huge mess for you to clean up.

If you decide to spray the walls of the interior of a house, you will still have to back roll them to get an even, uniform coat.  So, If you are painting an entire house that is vacant or new, spraying and back rolling is the way to go.  If you are painting an occupied house, spraying will get you into more trouble than it is worth and may even take longer to finish the job.

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